About me

About me

Tjido Wierda is een gepassioneerd bioloog en natuur fotograaf. In 1991 afgestudeerd als bioloog. Vanaf 1995 wordt zijn fotografie ingezet om informatie over natuur en milieu op creatieve wijze uit te dragen in workshops en educatieve programma's .

Ik werk vanaf 1995 met de apparatuur van Nikon.

About me.

Tjido Wierda is a passionate biologist and nature photographer. graduated in 1991 as a biologist. From 1995, his photography deployed about nature and the environment to carry out creatively through workshops and educational programs  I work from 1995 with equipment from Nikon.


  • Enjoys photographing in nature.


Wild Live and nature I got it from  my parents.The biodiversity managed to inspired me. I traveled  three months by the Canadian rocky  and Alaska and the north Actic here I am inspired to make nature and wildlife photos.


Take time to enjoy nature.Take time to enjoy nature and wildlive photography


  • Upset animals out of their habitat. animals out of their habitat.
  • Show respect what nature gives us.